Data on 198 million Americans discovered on unsecured Amazon server

Don’t become numb to these types of leaks

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but seriously, please secure your sensitive data or someone will find it. The latest entry in what is an ongoing parade of information exposure comes from ZDNet, which writes:

A huge trove of voter data, including personal information and voter profiling data on what’s thought to be every registered US voter dating back more than a decade, has been found on an exposed and unsecured server...

Evidently, a Republican data analytics firm called Deep Root Analytics had a variety of databases that contained 198 million records on American voters not just Republicans). These databases were stored on an open Amazon S3 storage server.

Read the full ZDNet story for more context and the original report by UpGuard, the security firm that discovered the leak, for more technical breakdown about the databases.

Personal data exposure is becoming so common we run the risk of ignoring the importance of the issue. Don’t. There are many steps to take when securing your data in the cloud — a good first one is running a free Marshal scan to see if you’re hosting sensitive data on your own. Our secure reports will empower you to take action and better protect your sensitive information.