Floors, ceilings and compliance repercussions

There’s a nice opinion piece on compliance over on Dark Reading with a bit that I thought perfectly encapsulated why and how Marshal is so useful. Author Peter Merkulov writes:

As the saying goes, “compliance is a floor, not a ceiling,” and so meeting the minimum standards under the law should be regarded as a starting point.

Think of Marshal as the floor, or ground level for your data compliance. It’s an easy first step anyone can take right now towards compliance. A free Marshal scan gives you a quick check on whether you or your company is storing exposed sensitive data like Social Security numbers or credit card numbers, and how widespread that unprotected data is being shared.

Leaving that kind of personal information unprotected puts you at greater risk should there be a data breach or accidental sharing with unknown entities. The consequences could be severe. As Merkulov points out, the damages from a data breach can be massive including: Lawsuits, fines, government audits and lost revenue.

Running a Marshal scan is a fast, secure way to see if you are sharing unprotected data. Armed with that knowledge you can determine the appropriate next steps to secure your data before a breach can occur.

Compliance may be a floor, but with Marshal, it’s a floor anyone can stand on right away and build a complete data security strategy.